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Professional Development Resources

Front cover of teachers' resource publication

The materials that are linked from this page are part of a resource designed to guide teachers through a process of professional development, focusing on the use of the IWB as a tool to support classroom dialogue. The following publication is at the heart of the resources:

"Developing interactive teaching and learning using the IWB: a resource for teachers."
Hennessy, Warwick, Brown, Rawlins & Neale (2014). Open University Press.

Full details and an order form can be found at
or order this book from Amazon at

A pdf summary of the contents of the printed book and online resources is available too. See a video of the book launch event in Feb. 2014 at

Whilst it is possible to derive some benefit from the web-based materials presented here without access to this publication, the book provides a research-informed professional development guide that places the materials in context, enabling them to be understood as part of a supported professional development programme.

Materials to Support the Publication

The materials presented here to support the published resource are in three sections, which can be accessed through clicking on the appropriate gateway icons below:

The ‘Resource Bank and Templates’ icon provides access to a rich array of ideas for IWB activities that might promote dialogue, together with examples that might be downloaded for use or adaptation. You will also find links to some video resources and to a set of dialogue tables and professional development materials designed for whole school use.
The ‘Appendices’ icon takes to you to downloadable versions of all of the appendices used in the published resource.
The ‘Videos’ icon takes you directly to the full collection of video materials used in the resource, each showing the use of the IWB in a classroom setting where dialogue is being promoted.

Box of resources drawing Teachers Sharing Resources drawing Couple watching video on laptop drawing
Resource Bank and Templates Appendices Videos

Note that these resources offer a springboard for further reflection, critique and modification, as you trial them in new settings; they are not models or blueprints.

If you try any of these materials out in your own school and as a consequence develop resources that may be of use to others, we are happy to be contacted so that we can share what you have devised with other teachers.

Copyright permissions

Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders and to obtain their permission for the use of copyright material. We apologise for any errors or omissions and would be grateful to be notified of any corrections that should be incorporated.

We endeavour to ensure that files available on the site are virus free but, as with other publicly available web-based materials, no guarantee can be given.