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Resource Bank and Templates

Resource bank drawing

This page provides access to a rich array of ideas for IWB activities that can be used to promote dialogue. There are three main sections:

  1. Resource Bank In addition to a full Resource Bank pdf, the page offers the seven sections of the pdf, separately, from ‘Getting Started’ to ‘Further ideas’. These sections connect with the relevant sections of the published resource. They reference the template files that are mentioned below and make hyperlinks, where appropriate, to video materials that show the ideas in use in the classroom.

  2. Templates Two template files – one for Smart Notebook and one for Promethean ActiveInspire – can be accessed or downloaded. They provide IWB materials that can be used directly in the classroom, supporting some of the activities described in the Resource Bank.

    Copies of the template files are also provided in PDF format:
    Notebook.PDF and ActivInspire.PDF so that viewers without the relevant IWB software can see images of the resources included.

    Geogebra files referred to in Resource Bank Chapter 7 are:
    multiplying_fractions.ggb  |   flower_symmetry.ggb   |   adding_number_line.ggb

  3. Materials from Teachers Additional materials from teachers, including re-useable flipcharts, can be downloaded. These come mainly from participants in our 2014 ‘Impact' project and evaluation. Like the resource bank, these tried-and-tested activities cover a range of subject areas, phases of schooling, and teaching aims.

    Secondary/Middle school resources   Primary school resources   Generic dialogue resources

  4. Dialogue features and strategies As part of her work in school for the project, Diane Rawlins produced the following resources that are freely downloadable from this page:

    • a ‘teacher-friendly’ Dialogue Table illustrating the nature of dialogue in the context of interactive whiteboard (IWB) use, using headings ‘In my classroom, we:’, ‘You will see us:’ and ‘So that we can’
  5. Dialogue Table .doc          Dialogue Table .pdf

    • an expanded version of the Dialogue Table with teacher guidance added (in bold, italic font) to illustrate some of the ways teachers could address adopting a dialogic approach

    Dialogue Table+Guidance .doc          Dialogue Table+Guidance .pdf

    • a sample school Teaching and Learning Policy Action Plan, outlining the plan for staff development in Diane’s school

    Action Plan .doc          Action Plan .pdf

    You can also download here our Original Dialogue Table jointly constructed by the research team and a further table listing Teacher Strategies for supporting dialogic teaching and learning with the IWB.